Life and Society in Transformation

11 Conversations with 29 Contributors

Disrupted Education

Danger and challenge

31 May
Recording: 17 Mai

Vanessa Pohl

French and English teacher and coordinator of Rudolf Steiner Schools in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Florian Osswald

Leadership Pedagogical Section, Goetheanum

Hotspots of social and ecological health through an inclusive approach

Examples from Sekem, Egypt

14 June
Recording: 31 May

Angela Hofmann

Coordinator for agriculture at Sekem

Andreas Lenzen

Head of integrative health at Sekem

Jean-Michel Florin

Leadership Section for Agriculture, Goetheanum

Land use and the climate question

The climate suffers when we lose the ground under our feet

21 June
Recording: 7 June

Mathias Forster

Trustee and CEO of Bio-Stiftung Schweiz

Johannes Wirz

PhD, head of Natural Sciences, Goetheanum

Devoting freely to the other

The ‘I’ as a relationship being

28 June
Recording: 14 June

João Torunsky

Christian Community priest

Constanza Kaliks

Executive Council member and leadership Youth Section and General Anthroposophical Section, Goetheanum

Humanity after Auschwitz?

Lessons from former concentration and death camps

5 July
Recording: 21 June

Krzysztof Antończyk

PhD, historian and head of digital archives at Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial


Peter Selg

MD, professor, leadership General Anthroposophical Section, Goetheanum

Ethics of dying

Is assisted suicide an expression or violation of human dignity?

12 July
Recording: 28 June

Madeleen Winkler

MD, GP in the Netherlands


Raimund Klesse

MD, psychiatrist, president Hippocratic Society Switzerland


Matthias Girke

MD, Executive Council member and leadership Medical Section, Goetheanum